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Of Course You Can Learn to Read Music for the Fiddle

  • Basic tools
  • Exercises - D and A strings
  •  Staff
  • Notes on the G string
  • Note name exercises
  •  Exercises - G and D strings
  •  Ledger lines
  •  More exercises - A and E
  •  Note time values
  • More exercises - D and A
  •  Dotted notes
  • More exercises - G and D
  •  Note value exercises
  • Key signatures
  •  Common fiddle time signatures
  • Scales and Arpeggios
  •  Notes on the E string
  •  Intervals
  •  Notes on the A string
  • Signs and symbols
  •  Exercises - A and E strings
  •  Other stuff
  •  Notes on the D string
  • Simple tunes - Little Waltz, Reel in A, Gabby's Polka, Reel de Clare, Winter Waltz, Alex's Jig 
  • Intermediate tunes - Lighthouse Reel, The Hambone Polka, Thorn Bush Reel, The Rose Arbour, The Willow Branch Hornpipe, St.Anne's Jig
  •   Advanced Tunes - Farewell to Winter, The Red Pheasant, The Rabbit Chase Reel, High Water Jig, The Seaforth Two-Step, Mayfair Rag

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