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Gordon Stobbe - New Traditions (NT01)

1. Treeline Medley (Treeline Reel, Reel de la Grosse Moutarde, Clay Bank Reel)
2. Time Goes By
3. Madeleine's Waltz
4. Foolish Maids (1,2 and 3)
5. Mullingar Jigs (Trip to Mullingar, The Mayor of Mullingar)
6. Quarter Section Waltz
7. Riel's and Dumont's Reels
8. Farewell to the West
9. The Mad Bulgar
10. Lafayette Waltz
11. Madeleine Clare Two-Step
12. Fox-Trot Rag
13. Canyon Lullaby
14.  Bluebird Breakdown

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Christmas Songs from the Maritimes

1. This Season Will Never Grow Old (Rita MacNeil)
2. In The Light Of One Bright Star (Clary Croft)
3. Duan Nollaig / Christmas Song (traditional : Helen Creighton Coll.)
4. The Cherry Tree Carol (traditional : Helen Creighton Coll.)
5. Mes Noëls en Acadie (Angèle Arsenault)
6. Song of the Oxen (Clary Croft)
7. Christmas Eve Waltz (Clary Croft) / Christmas Eve Waltz - Round Dance (Gordon Stobbe)
8. Taladh Chriosda / The Christ Child Lullabye (wds A.Macdonald Hebridean coll; mus. M.Kennedy-Fraser)
9. March of the Christmas Turkey (Gordon Stobbe)
10. Bethlehem (Clark Brown)
11. Park Street / Wake Oh My Soul (Anon. publ. in The Harmonium - Arr. Jay Perry)
12. Light of the Stable ( Steven and Elizabeth Rhymer)
13. I Wanna See Your Picture in the Wishbook (Clary Croft)


Clary Croft - vocals and guitar
Margo Carruthers - vocals
Gordon Stobbe - vocals and other instruments

Recorded and mixed by Gordon Stobbe at Seaforth Studios.



Gordon Stobbe - Solo (NT09)

1. Pelican Reel (G. Stobbe) / Reel de St. Antoine
2. Plaza / Donald Cameron's--Polkas
3. Peekaboo Waltz
4. Five Foot Two
5. St. Lawrence / Swallowtail / Tripping Up the Stairs--Jigs
6. Redwing / Atlantic Polka--2nd Change
7. Castlegar Moon (G. Stobbe and students)
8. Sunporch Polka (G. Stobbe)
9. Glise de Sherbrooke
10. Mamou Two-step
11. Molly's Waltz
12. Val's Dream (G. Stobbe)
13. Spring Swing (G. Stobbe)
14. Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap

Instrumentation - violins, mandolins, six string, tenor, lap steel and Weisenbourne guitars, electric bass, piano, accordion, clawhammer banjo, tenor banjo, tin whistle, recorder, xylophone, snare drum, guiro, shakers, triangle, rub-board, ceramic bowl and nail, feet, wooden spoons, conga drum, bongos, djembe and brushes on masonite.

All tunes arranged, performed, recorded and mixed in Seaforth, Nova Scotia by Gordon Stobbe




Gordon Stobbe - Borderline (NT10)

1. Island Swing
2. Prairie Twilight
3. Whitehorse Two step
4. December Song
5. Man of Steel
6. Borderline
7. Grassland Ramble / Fort Walsh Breakdown
8. Swing 2
9. New Day
10. Pack a Parka Polka
11. South Side Swing
12. Two step Acadien
13. Opus #1 for Accompanied Cowbell
14. Round Dance Hall

All tunes composed, performed, recorded and mixed in Seaforth, Nova Scotia by Gordon Stobbe


Canadian Old-Time Fiddle Hits Volume 1

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Mighty Oak String Band (NT02)

1. Hoedown Polka / Tomahawk
2. Ebeneezer
3. High Dad in the Morning
4. Valse Bleu
5. Shelvin Rock / Meat and Potatoes
6.  Dixie Hoedown
7.  Birdie / Flanagan's Polka
8. Fiddle Camp Two-Step / Little Black Moustache
9. Pike's Peak / Peas and Cornbread
10. Gaspe Reel
11. Big Footed Man in the Sandy Lot / Walk Along John
12. Village Carousel Waltz
13. Johnny Lover's Gone / Sandy River Belle
14. High Country

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Betty Belmore and the Mighty Oak String Band

The Harvest is Ready (RDRCD-3959)

1. Moving Day
2. The Birds Were Singing of You
3. Cock a Doodle Doo
4. The Harvest
5. What Do We Do On a Dew, Dew, Dewy Day
6.  God Leads Us Along
7.  Bring Me A Leaf From the Sea
8. Teach Me How to Lie
9. These Bones Gonna Rise Again
10. Careless Hands
11. Shine On, Harvest Moon
12. Hobo's Lullaby

bill stevenson,dolly belmore,goree,holmes


Betty Belmore and the Mighty Oak String Band

A Song in the Air (BB 003)

1. He'll Be Coming Down the Chimney ( Like He Always Did Before )
2. There Was a Star
3. Reindeer Boogie
4. Barnyard Christmas
5. Christmas Roses
6. Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn
7. Will Santy Come to Shanty Town
8. Look Out the Window ( Singing a Winter Song )
9. Christmas Dinner
10. Up On the Housetop
11. A Song in the Air
12. Good King Wenceslas



Razzmatazz for Kids

Suitcase Full of Songs (SRCD 002)

1. Banjo (Sandy Greenberg)
2. Unsquare Dance (Gordon Stobbe)
3. The Chicken Pox Blues (Thomas Cormier, S. Greenberg, Rose Vaughan) 
4. Sleeping Over (S. Greenberg)
5. Si Mon Moine (Traditional - arr. by T. Cormier and G. Stobbe)
6. Dum-Dee-Di-Dee-Diddily-Do (Calvin Vollrath)
7. Take Me to the Zoo (S. Greenberg, Frank Taylor)
8. Alle Brider (Yrad. - arr. by S. Greenberg and G. Stobbe)
9. Mud (Lyrics: Polly Chase Boyden; Music: S. Greenberg)
10. Macaroni (S. Greenberg)
11. J'ai vu le loup (Trad.- arr. by S. Greenberg, T. Cormier, and G. Stobbe)
12. I've Got my Longjohns On (S. Greenberg, T. Cormier)
13. Chugga Choo Choo (S. Greenberg)
14. Butterfly (Rose Vaughan)
15. Zum Gali Gali (Trad. - arr. by S. Greenberg and G. Stobbe)
16. L'Arbre est dans ses feuilles (Trad. - arr. by T. Cormier, S. Greenberg, and G. Stobbe)
17. Coney Island Washboard (Wade Durand, N. Neston, Claude Shugart, W. Whitacre)
18. The Swing (Lyrics: Robert Louis Stevenson;
Music: Trad., adp. by Ronnie MacEachern, arr. by S. Greenberg and G. Stobbe)
19. Sleeping Over (Instrumental) (S. Greenberg) 



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